Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Please view my website and blog me any equine rehab questions? Hope to hear from you soon. Jennifer

Equine Rehabilitation

I have just come back from a 5 day intensive International Symposium of Animal Rehabilitation with Veterinarians and Physical Therapist from around the world. Many parts of the world are much more advanced in acceptance and practice of equine rehabilitation for horses recovering from injury and/or for maintenance of good health, than we have been accustomed to in the USA. Equine Rehab is now becoming a recognized valid method for returning horses to health and optimal function after injury, surgery, or maladaptive use, here through out the US.

At the symposium I heard a multitude of Vet and PT speakers present a huge variety of up to date information on such things as back pain, hydrotherapy, arthritis, kissing spine, to name only a few. I spent an entire day attending a lecture with hands-on lab course in the Equine Veterinary Hospital at University of Minnesota on the subject of Sacro-Iliac Dysfunction and Treatment in the Equine.

I have started this blog to encourage horse owners and practitioners to write in questions or comments on any concerns or related equine physical problems to allow others to benefit from our shared experiences and knowledge bases.